Dog behavior consultation

During this 1h30 dog behavior consultation, the issues you encounter with your dog will be assessed. At the end of the consultation, you will receive a training plan to help you resolve these issues. The living environment of the dog will also be analysed and solutions will be proposed to increase his welfare and yours, if necessary. We propose video consultations using Zoom.

Dog behavior modification – package

The package includes the first 1h30 consultation, as well as 5 follow-up sessions of 1h, to help you evolve in the best way possible with your dog. We propose video consultations using Zoom.

Methods used

I work only with positive, force-free and respectful methods, for your dog and your own welfare. Indeed, the use of violence or punishment only impairs a dog’s learning, and deteriorates the relationship you are trying to build with your dog.

How is a dog behavioural consultation conducted ?

During a behavioural consultation, the dog’s behavior, living environment, and relationships with yourself and the other members of his family are assessed. Indeed, a dog’s behavior can be impacted by many parameters and it is important to have a global view of the system he lives in. I ask you questions and the dog’s behavior is observed. The analysis results are provided to you, and solutions for behavioural modifications proposed. If you chose to be accompanied with the behavioural modification program, you will be helped during each session to treat the specific issues you could encounter. Consultations can take place in video using Zoom.

Dog portraits are drawn from photographies.

Portrait drawings

You would like to have a portrait of your animal ? I realise pastel drawings from pictures. Pricing depends on the size. Do not hesitate to contact me for any project. For more information, please go to my dedicated website :

You can also have a look into my Facebook page if you want to see my work.