You feel overwhelmed by your dog’s behavior ?

We help you recover a serene life and a blooming relationship.

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Canine Behaviorism

Harmonizing Unicities for Unique Living Interactions with Knines


Living your daily life with your dog is complicated ?

You are a dog “owner”, “parent”, “guardian”.

You are full of goodwill, you love your dog, your are ready to do (almost) everything for him.

However, his behavior is difficult to manage for you. You deprive your dog and yourself from freedom, your mental stress is high because of complicated daily management and the look of others.

How to (re)find a more serene relationship with your dog ?

As a canine behaviorist,

We help you to :

  • Understand your dog
  • Communicate better with your dog
  • Improve your relationship with your dog
  • Change your dog’s unwanted behavior into acceptable behaviors

You will be able to :

  • Gain freedom
  • Decrease your mental stress
  • Free yourself from others’ perception
visio consultations

Your dog will be able to :

  • Be more fulfilled
  • Gain wellbeing

Personalised approach of canine behaviorism
Personalised approach

Adaptation to your own situation and needs

We use only benevolent methods, respectful of you and you dog.
Benevolent methods

Positive, force-free training only

We guarantee our focus
1 to 1 focus

Individual sessions and follow-ups

What can canine behaviorism offer you ?

We work on dog’s behavior, according to the peculiarities and their wellbeing. We study the causes of their problematic behavior(s), and the possible solutions. Our aim is to lead you to live in harmony with your dog, for his and your own wellbeing. Our approach is based on simple observations :

Each living being is unique

This is why, according to us, it is vital to take into account individual peculiarities of the human-dog relationship, to move towards respectful and sustainable solutions, and (re)find more ecological postures for each of you.

Each relationship is unique

Like each of its actors, each relationship has its own and intrinsic peculiarities. By working on your dog’s behavior, you will also be brought to evolve yourself, which will have a positive impact on your relationship. Our work of canine behaviorist aims to resolve your dog’s unwanted behaviors, but invites you to much more than that.

Relationships evolve

Indeed, relationships are never fixed and immovable, but constantly evolve. We help you to move towards their best version possible, with harmony as the main goal. Harmony itself is not a concept which implies the relationship to fix, but that each actor can interact in accordance with the other and induce the relationship to move in an interaction where each part will be respected, understood and loved for what he is.

Impact of the environment

Each animal (and humans are part of them…) performs behaviors in response to the environment in which he evolves. That’s why taking into account the dog’s living environment, and analysing the family system, are paramount in the resolution of behavioural issues.

How can we help you as canine behaviorist ?

You encounter behavioural issues with your dog ? I work with people who wish to improve their relationship with their dog, and their dog’s and their own wellbeing. My aim as a canine behaviorist is to help you to :

Canine behaviorism can help any dog
  • decode your dog’s body language
  • understand the causes of his behavior by analysing his environment
  • find solutions to change his behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, fear, reactivity, bad manners, etc, in a way that respects both the dog and the human, in acceptable behaviors
  • build a better connexion with your dog, due to a better communication with your dog, but also a better transmission of your expectations to your dog


Indeed, a relationship as the one which exists between a dog and his guardian, both actors play a role on the other’s wellbeing. That’s why, communication is the keystone of a relationship. Considering the manner of establishing a two-ways communication is essential in the work towards a satisfying relationship. An impaired transmission of informations between the two actors leads to frustration, causing stress, nervousness and potentially fear or anger.

Incomprehension or misunderstanding concerning the dog’s communication prevent people to react in an appropriate manner and put into place adapted solutions. In the same way, incomprehension or bad interpretation of the guardian by the dog prevent him to behave as expected, even when both human and dog have the best intentions in the world. This parameters all lead potentially to behavioural problems.

An understood and respected dog is a happy dog. And there is no room for respect if you are not aware of your dog’s needs. That’s why, communication is essential. And in your relationship with your dog, his wellbeing and yours are interlinked.

Your dog has bad manners you want to resolve, but you don’t know how to proceed ? Don’t hesitate to contact me and we will discuss it !

(Re)find serenity with canine behaviorism

You want to evolve towards a more serene relationship and a fulfilled dog ? If your dog is anxious, reactive, excited, and you encounter difficulties to live together, I propose a global analysis to help you understand the origins of the issues, and determine which steps to implement in priority to help you improve your dog’s and your own daily life.

My philosophy is based on each partner’s respect, taking into account individual peculiarities. Only positive and respectful methods of canine behaviorism are used.

You want to resolve your dog’s behavioral issues ? You can contact me and we will discuss it together.

Diplomed Canine Behaviorist

The International School for Canine Psychology and Behavior forms dog behaviorists using the latest scientific reasearch, and force-free methods only of canine behaviorism.